Useful Launcher

Useful Launcher 7.1

A little toolbox for your desktop


  • Sits in the system tray
  • Nice transparency options
  • Hides desktop icons
  • Shuts down PC


  • Few configuration options
  • No keyboard shortcuts

Not bad

Useful Launcher is a little application that makes a list of useful tools available from its interface.

When minimized, Useful Launcher sits in your system tray, and opens with a single mouse click. You can minimize all visible windows at once, kill a particular window, make a window or the taskbar transparent, hid desktop icons, take a screenshot and more!

The transparency option is quite nice for the taskbar especially, and being able to toggle desktop icons means your desktop can look really tidy in a moment. Similarly, the minimize all windows button is a quick way to make space.

On the downside, Useful Launcher is not very attractive, and you can't configure what it will do. It's useful to have these commands to hand, but it's a shame you can't add your own, or remove those you don't like. There are also no keyboard shortcuts.

Useful Launcher is what it says it is, but it could definitely be improved. If you like what it offers, you'll be very happy with it.

Useful Launcher


Useful Launcher 7.1

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